Someone cut off this dog’s nose and ears but he just found his forever home.

The Michigan Humane Society just shared some wonderful news. Baron, a rottweiler mix that they rescued in Detroit has just been adopted.

But this isn’t a normal adoption story. When the Michigan Humane Society found Baron abandoned in Detroit he was severely injured. Someone had cut off his nose, both of his ears, and badly hurt his tail. He was “brutally disfigured” and malnourished. Despite all of this, Baron was still friendly to people — he just wanted to be loved!

Michigan Humane Society

In order to save him and help him breathe normally again, he had to undergo two surgeries.

Michigan Humane Society Facebook

They surgeries were a success and will help him live a more comfortable life.

“The Michigan Humane Society would like to share that Baron had his reconstructive surgery today and is doing great. The surgery lasted around 2 hours and 30 minutes. His nasal passage is now covered and protected and his tail was shortened and sutured. Our veterinary team reports that he came through with flying colors, and is resting quietly while he recovers.”

It took him some time to recover fully and he received lots of support from all around the world. Many people wanted to adopt him and he ended up adopted by a man and woman who wish to remain anonymous, but knew Baron was the dog for them after hearing his story.

It’s so wonderful to see that after all he’s been through, Baron has found a loving forever home! Look how happy he is:


Unfortunately, the person or people who did this to Baron still haven’t been caught. You can help raise awareness about Baron’s case by signing our petition on and making a donation to the Michigan Humane Society, who are offering a $40,000 reward for information that leads to their arrest.



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  1. Erin says:

    Thank you for opening your hearts & lives to this sweet boy! He will be forever grateful & loved by such amazing & selfless parents. All of you are truly blessed to have found each other. Good luck & much love on your new journey as a forever family.


  2. I am so happy that Baron gets a new and happy life. He looks happy with his new family….and they look like good parents….this so makes my day! Thank you Dr Stanley and team for his free surgery. Your gift to Baron will always be appreciated by the animal lovers of the world!!
    I am so amazed how animal are so forgiving and trust humans again! I send you a big hug and many kisses Baron. You are the sweetest of the sweetest! 🙂


  3. Please everyone out there….sign the petitions and help to get stricter and more severe laws for animal abusers…..I want to also thank my friends who signed Barons’ petition.
    Please find the person or persons and bring justice to Baron.


  4. Jonathan T says:

    So happy to hear that Barron has found a home!!!!!


  5. Anonymous says:

    So so happy to see Baron has a new home in a loving family and never has to worry about being abused again!!


  6. Annette Schmidt says:

    thank god for these wonderful people who gave Baron a neew home


  7. Bless the couple who adopted this beautiful dog! You made my day. I am in the process of fostering a pet that I know I will end of keeping. Animals are such precious creatures and it is a distinct privilege to even own a domestic pet (cat or dog). Bless you and bless this dog’s life with you. Much long life and happiness to you all! Cheers!


  8. M says:

    Thank you to the doctors, staff and the people that found this dog and brought him to the veterans! Bless you for saving him. Thank you to the people that adopted him in a forever home! Bless you! I’m so thankful that there are people in the world that do great and amazing things with love in their hearts 💕


  9. Valerie Ormond says:

    Such a sad, horrific story with a wonderful, happy ending! Congrats to all…… parents and Baron! How I wish the villains in all this would be caught and punished severely!


  10. Catherine Dugan says:

    I agree with Valerie; This person/people should be severely punished and sent to jail for a long time.


  11. John Rook says:

    Thank you, Dr. Stanley and team! Let’s hope that the jerks who abused Baron will be caught and that they have a real serious consequence for what they did!


  12. Bernadette says:

    Our world is s better place now Baron has found s new home. I woke up to your email and I feel happy to know there are more good then bad out there


  13. I am so happy to hear that Baron has found a loving forever home to experience true love and compassion! Some people will say that I am sick for saying this, but I hope that when the people who did this are found that their noses and ears are cut off too!


  14. Anonymous says:

    if the new owners wanted to remain anonymous, why is there a video of them?

    Liked by 1 person

  15. obiebobie says:

    Thank you so much for giving him a loving home!


  16. Thank you for helping Baron. You are saints. I shall pray for you always. Sincerely, Sandra


  17. Ann Long says:

    Thank you for opening your hearts to this wonderful boy. You have restored my faith in humanity. You are my heroes.


  18. Anonymous says:

    This great news has made my day!!! thank you to everyone involved in his rescue and adoption! good Karma coming your way xxxx


  19. Anonymous says:

    I`m so happy that Baron has a new home, I`m here in the UK and Barons story really touched my heart. Just waiting now for the cruel evil person to be caught.


  20. I am so happy that you opened your hearts to this beautiful boy! Enjoy him. You can see the joy in his eyes already.


  21. Jacqueline says:

    I was shocked when I saw that story about Barron, anyone who would do something so horrific to a living creature would do that to a human being, but my heart is warmed by the love and selflessness of the doctors and Barron’s new owners. Thank you for your kindness. God bless you.


  22. Anonymous says:

    I’m so pleased Baron has found a loving family to look after him, he deserves only the best and I’m sure he’s found that. Good look to the future and may you all share lovely times together, . God bless you for your kindness xxxx


  23. Caroline says:

    It is so lovely to see Baron with his new family. Good luck to you for being so kind to Baron. He needs loving care now.


  24. Pat P. says:

    Where do all these twisted sadists come from? Are we breeding them in secret? Thankfully, there are some wonderful animal lovers and just compassionate empathetic souls. If only there were a lot more. The untold suffering is never-ending. Since changing minds takes time, and in the meantime, too much emotional and physical pain abounds, animal cruelty laws MUST be made stronger and forced much more often. Animals don’t experience less suffering than humans do–so the laws MUST reflect that fact!


  25. Amber Lynn says:

    There’s a special place in Hell for the people who did that to poor Baron and there’s a special place in heaven for those two new pet parents God Bless you this made me cry.


  26. Kim A Volkmar says:

    I cry when I think about the pain this poor fella endured. But then I look at that picture of Baron with his tennis ball and his HERO FOREVER PARENTS right there with him, my faith in people has been a bit restored. I hope they catch the abusive assholes that did this. Be happy with each other!


  27. cheryl says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE This happy ending!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless this dog and the trust he has for people and Bless this couple for giving him a loving home that he deserves! 🙂


  28. Lisa says:

    Thank you Lord for giving this guy a loving home and a chance to realize that not all people are cruel. Continued prayers to bring to justice those that harmed him as they probably will not hesitate to harm another animal or possibly a person.


  29. Michael says:

    I think it is so great that he found a home where he is loved and treated good it’s so sad what Baron has been through


  30. Carol says:

    It is wonderful to see Baron happy and healthy. Can’t thank those who made this possible enough. Also thank you to his new mom and dad, I am sure your new fur baby will bring you years of joy, he has recovered beautiful. Hugz all round !!!


  31. Renee says:

    I am happy to hear he had a happy ending which does not always happen. These creatures that tried to destroy this animal will do it again I am sure unless they are found and sentenced. my family and I strongly believe in carma so it is just a matter of time.


  32. Anonymous says:



  33. I didn’t get the update that Barron found a good home!! I am so happy! What beautiful people are to take him and give him the love he needs. Barron you are in my hearts and thoughts every day since I heard your story. You are very brave. You are precious. Bless all of you


  34. h says:

    Tear flow for Baron he is now one of the lucky ones – he has the loving home he deserves may he and the wonderful people who have helped him enjoy this wonderful dog his personality shines through the despaIr and pain he has suffered at the hands of wicked people- enjoy your life BARON!!!


    1. Catherine Dugan says:

      I am so happy for Barron! He has a home with people who love him and will take care of him.


      1. I couldn’t have said it better. That precious special angel of a dog. Thanks to everyone who helped him. I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around . The sickos who did this will get theirs too. Barron your a brave boy and everyone loves you. I wish you a happy live with your new home..Again, thanks to the wonderful people who are giving you a good home. They are true angel’s.


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  37. Joy says:

    God Bless Baron’s new family. You are the angels he has been waiting for. I hope you have many happy years together.


  38. I am very happy to see that Baron is completely recovered and found a good family to take care of him


  39. He looks so happy and handsome. Thank you Michigan Humane Society and the wonderful vets and nursing staff. Not forgeting his new family.


  40. Sharon says:

    To: Jack Cartwright. I guess that makes me a sicko too. I’m all for doing to them what they did to sweet Baron. I am so happy for him to have found his forever home and parents who will love him as unconditionally as he loves them. Thank you God for the wonderful outcome to a very sad story.


    1. Touché I agree with you they should do the same thing to the person that he did to that sweet little dog I am so happy he found a forever great home.


  41. Joleen Mandura says:

    Thank god this sweet fur babe is all better and has a loving family. I hope these lowlifes are caught and make them pay the vet bill and then have someone do the same thing to who ever did that or send them to my house I’ll get justice for this sweet fur babe!!!!!! I’m tired of the laws not being strict with animal cruelty. If it isn’t drugs they don’t give a shit.!!!!!!


    1. Cathie Dugan says:

      I totally agree with Joleen! Those mean, inhumane people need to pay for what they did to this beautiful animal!
      They do need more stricter laws for animal abusers. It’s not fair that they hurt and/or kill a poor defenseless animal and get away with just a slap on the wrist!
      “Kill an animal, Go to Jail!!


      1. Not go to jail but instead, “An eye for an eye!”


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