Someone kicked a puppy so hard he lost his leg.


An 8-month-old puppy has lost his leg in a suspected case of extreme animal cruelty in Moon Township, PA. The puppy, now named Tres, suffered broken ribs and leg broken so badly it had to be amputated after a man named Marcus Smiley kicked him.

What could a puppy do for someone to do something so horrible? You won’t believe it:

“The boyfriend was rather angry because the dog had torn the house up a little, like dogs do sometimes,” McCarthy said. “Then he gave it an extremely powerful kick.”
“He was whimpering, limping. His leg was dangling. He couldn’t walk very well,” said Jess Horvatin, who rescues a lot of abused animals. Read more here

Thankfully, Tres’ surgery was successful and he has already been adopted by a loving family. The man accused of nearly killing him, Marcus Smiley will be charged with animal cruelty, a second-degree misdemeanor, according to ABC6.

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You can help Tres and the people who saved him. Sign this petition on here and also make a much needed donation to help cover his medical costs. They have a goal of raising $3,000 but only have $400 raised so far. If lots of people chip in small amounts, we can easily help them hit their goal!

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    1. leybrabear says:

      Who is ‘someone?’ A man has been charged?


    2. leybrabear says:

      Found article. What was the sentence man received?


  1. Cynthia Shahan says:

    FELONY!!!! ALL ANiMALS need to be a protected & Respected always!!!! ABUSERS punished to the FULL EXTENT!!!! SAVE our Precious animals!!! Be their voice!!!


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