ThunderShirt Can Help Stop Your Dog’s Anxiety and Barking

Dogs are unique creatures and there’s all sorts of different stimuli that can cause negative behavior like excessive barking, destructive chewing, whining, and even aggression. As much as these behaviors stresses you out, imagine how stressed out your pup is! He doesn’t want to behave this way but stress is causing him to.

There’s lots of factors that can cause your dog stress or make him or her more excited. These include separation anxiety, fireworks or thunder, doorbells or door knocking, or construction work. It’s hard to control these things and it can be even harder to stop your dogs negative reactions to them and help him feel more calm and comfortable.

One thing many dog owners are having success with is the ThunderShirt. It’s a concept so simple you might be skeptical until they see the results for themselves. It’s a simple jacket that you can put on your dog that applies a constant gentle pressure, making him or her almost feel like they’re being hugged!


ThunderShirts are very easy to use and start working right away — there’s no training involving. Owners of dogs that become seriously frightened during thunderstorms or at the sound of fireworks report amazing results. And if your dog is having difficulty adjusting to a new place like your apartment or office, it can help them feel more comfortable there too. Here’s a short video showing how they work:

If you have questions or want to learn more there’s over 5,000 reviews for ThunderShirt on  Amazon from many different types of dog owners with all sorts of issues that they’ve helped with.

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  1. Glenys Roberson says:

    Love and prayers Baron, to you and your forever family.xx


  2. Carol & the cubbies says:

    Soooo pleased Baron’s found his forever home. It’s everything he deserves, for such a lovely dog. May he and his new owners have many years of love and happiness. Xx


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