Rescue Story: Roscoe

IMG_20140508_130514This story was sent to us by Kelly from Hawaii. Thank you, Kelly!

Roscoe came into my life at a very difficult time of my life. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I ended up homeless, living on the beaches of Hawaii. I know, that doesn’t sound so bad, but you try living through a severe storm on an island with only a tent. There were many wet and miserable nights.

One day walking down the coast, I ran across a scared puppy, with his rib cage severely sticking out. The poor little guy was alone and starving. I immediately did what I could to befriend him, and got him some food. Sadly, I knew with my situation at the time, I could not take proper care of him, and I had to relinquish him to the humane society.
The fortunate thing at the time, was that I was waiting on a sizeable inheritance that was going to get me back into a home. Due to that, I told the humane society that if he was not adopted within a month, I would be back to adopt him. After that month passed, though my inheritance had not come through yet, I went and picked up my new baby. I knew the money would come any day.
The vet that took care of him informed me that he was a 4 month old Hound/Sharpei mix, in decent health, though with skin issues. The poor baby had mange, but was of course being treated. They named him Roscoe. At that point Roscoe and I bonded deeply. I have rescued and bonded with many sweet furbabies over the years, but Roscoe became my Hawaii Angel.
We lived on the beach for one month before the money finally came in, but now are back with a roof over our head and have been for 3 years. Since then, we have added two rescued Chihuahuas, as well as two rescued bunnies to our family. People talk about how wonderful it was to save Roscoe, but he also saved me.

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  1. Devin Donnelly says:

    I am glad you a Roscoe saved each other!


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