Rescue Story: Benny

This rescue story was sent to us by Sandy from Arizona and goes to show that with a lot of love and care, any dog can be given a new home.

My name is Sandy and in 2009 I rescued a dog named Benny. He was found tied up to a tree in the dry arid desert in Arizona. He was evidently abused, trusted no one, and was extremely fearful. Multiple adoptions were attempted but he was just returned to foster care over and over as he was like a cobra who would attack at the slightest thing he perceived threat.

I took him home to my other 2 “girls” and the first day he bit me while I gave him a flea and tick bath. He was so fearful I could not pet him, touch him, look him in the eye. He would just sit in the corner of my home, face inward and was frozen in fear. As a dog trainer I even found him to be a real challenge, but I would not be deterred.

I have always rescued my dogs and I would never surrender him back to the shelter or foster care no matter what.


Over time I implemented the procedures I use with fearful and insecure dogs, by building their confidence, using non threatening motions, avoidance of eye contact and slow touching actions. It took almost a year but by the end of that time he was a loving dog, eager to participate in my life, loved his “sisters”, went to dog park and even let people pet him.

He was the best dog ever! I also know you can never give up!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for giving Benny a loving home and a 2nd chance!

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful story Sandy. I’m glad you never gave up on Benny. Thank you for giving him a second chance.

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  3. Susan Whalen says:

    Thank you for rescuing and loving Benny. We need more people like you in this world. Hugs to you both.

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  4. rachel says:

    Animals cannot speak to tell what their horrific stories are. It takes a special person, to understand and give comfort love and security to an animal, that is just frightened! Once they know, that they will not be abused and harmed happiness love and contentment just flows. They are indeed the best. Enjoy each other because he is worth it! A beautiful story!

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  5. Mary says:

    What a wonderful success story. Benny was very fortunate that you wouldn’t give up on him as so many did before you. I’ll bet your a fabulous dog trainer if you could get through to this terribly traumatized dog. Please keep up the great work!

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  6. Liliana says:

    All that Benny needed someone with a good heart and patience, and God made it possible, and also showed you that we can conquer with love.

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  7. U have done a great karma and justice to the other Godly creations. Keep it up and may God Bless You. We need people like u in this world to make it a better place. Thank You sooooo much for taking care of and loving the uncared and unloved one


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