Rescue Story: Sunday

Nikki from Brooklyn, New York sent us this amazing story about Sunday, who they rescued from a shelter in Harlem. Thank you, Nikki!

My boyfriend and I were saying for months how we were missing something in our lives. One day I was at work and Cody (my boyfriend) surprised me with the best present anyone could have surprised me with. He had adopted a skinny, scared little doggie. After work, I begged him to take me to go meet her.

Walking into the shelter in Harlem, I remember having to hold my nose because of the awful smell. It made me cry. Seeing all these sad, thin animals locked in cages, waiting for someone to love them broke my heart. Walking up to Sunday (we named her Sunday because we adopted her on a Sunday) was different because she was quite reserved. She was the only dog not coming towards us when we approached her cage. That intrigued me.

She was laying down, looking so sad and finally, when I bent down to her level, she slowly walked towards me and licked my hands through the cage. It was one of the most overwhelming and happy times of my life knowing that I was going to fill this dog with food and love. The workers at the rescue place said that she was two years old, but she was very puppy like. They also said she was a beagle, chihuaha mix – but they weren’t sure. She was soooo skinny that her ribs would poke out through her fur.

Ultimately, she became so loving and attached to us but a huge problem we had was re-training her but hey, you have to train all dogs, right? Sunday was rescued from the streets of Harlem, a small, scared animal.

Now, Cody and I take Sunday everywhere. I mean everywhere! She comes to eat with us, she rides the train with us, but her favorite thing to do is lay on top of us and relax. My favorite thing is when I wake up and her head is resting on my neck.

She has changed my life because I didn’t know that I could love something so much and I love knowing that she is in the absolute best home she could be in.


The rescuing and adoption of shelter animals in the United States has reduced the number of cats and dogs euthanized by over one million since 2011. Adopt Don’t Shop is more than a slogan — it saves lives.

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