Rescue Story: Ollie

Thank you Chere for sending us your rescue story! Ollie sounds wonderful and he’s so lucky to have found his forever home with you.

We rescued Ollie from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter in July 2013. Our families freaked out when they heard we adopted a pit bill mix (he’s a boxer/pit mix), but they soon fell in love with his charming personality just like we had. He was eight years old and is now almost 12.

He’s a little “special needs” because he hates being left alone, so we don’t leave him alone pretty much ever. Either my husband or I stay with him, or he goes with us. He gets along well with everyone but cats. He is the least aggressive of our three dogs, wonderful with kids, and so sweet I can’t possibly explain to you how sweet and endearing he is. He smiles and snuggles up to everyone he meets, but he especially adores my husband. They have an almost parent/child bond.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 10.20.25 PM

Our biggest challenge has always been getting him to eat. He just doesn’t care about food at all. He used to have horrific gas, but once we found food that agreed with him that completely stopped. Well, almost completely. 🙂

We love all of our dogs, but Ollie is absolutely special. All of our dogs have been rescues of a sort, but he is our first from a shelter.


The rescuing and adoption of shelter animals in the United States has reduced the number of cats and dogs euthanized by over one million since 2011. Adopt Don’t Shop is more than a slogan — it saves lives.

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  1. Jimette Bell says:

    ❤ Ollie sounds like a very sweet soul.

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  2. donna gayer says:

    Dog bless you all! I’ve never met a mean pit in my life – they’ve all been sweet & love their people.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Pit bull has nothing do with it.It’s the owner not pit bull fault. I wish people didn’t blame pitbulls

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  4. Tina says:

    What a wonderful story.
    17 years ago, after finally settling into divvy lufe (husband was army and gone by then ) my wish to have dog was almost granted.i always had a soft spot for JRT’S AND was extatuc when my son shouted from the front door: “mum it’s your lucky day”…..the look on face must have said it all.but mum , it’s a terrier, yes son it’s a Staffordshire bull terrier Not a JRT! the owner wanted rid of him quickly as his new dog was arriving a few days later. (A rhodesian ridgeback…a must have for show offs and it looks tougher on the estate where he lived)
    After a night of pining and howling I was ready to send the dog “packing”. Coming from a family home where thx god he had been treated well he was missing his cuddles and the kids.this big beefy “staffy” was the kindest gentle dog you could meet
    For the next 14 years we shared our life and love with this wonderful animal.he was perfect. From beeing very loyal and clean, we came home one day and there he was helping the cat to clean a litter of 6 newborns.aleeting us that one had fallen out of bed and was tangled in bedding. He never chewed or soiled in the house and even allowed our home to be burgled. Sadly a few years ago the usual old age problems became uncomfortable for him and us to see and we made the decision (in agreement with his vet) to let him go age 16. These days I still miss him like crazy ever hour , every day . I’m sooo ghost lad I gave this big beefy beast the chance and have never regretted it..
    Usually it is not the breed but the owner.
    Therefore it is high time that those who abuse and neglect animals should receive the toughest is high time that the sentence reflects the crime .thank you for reading my story x


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