Rescue Story: Raven

Jenny from Santa Barbara, CA sent us this heartwarming story about adopting a senior dog. Thank you, Jenny!

We became foster parents and had just said goodbye to our first foster fur baby. There was a little chihuahua mix who just had some teeth removed and she needed a foster home.

I was still devastated by our loss but thought if I could help another one, why not? We gave her the food and love she needed to recover but we couldn’t give her up. We decided to adopt our foster girl Raven. She is 12 and we have now had her for two years.

She has a few quirks like not being fond of children — our 11-year-old has learned to be cautious around her and to care for her. She can only walk so far so we bought her a stroller so we can keep walking, we have adjusted to include her, she is one of a kind and we adore her.

I love senior dogs! They are so sweet and appreciative to have a cozy bed, people to love them and good food. These awesome dogs teach you to appreciate each day of life you are given. I wouldn’t change a thing, we absolutely adore Raven! And she is now the princess she should have always been.

Adopt a senior, you won’t be sorry!

The rescuing and adoption of shelter animals in the United States has reduced the number of cats and dogs euthanized by over one million since 2011. Adopt Don’t Shop is more than a slogan — it saves lives.

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