Someone kicked a puppy so hard he lost his leg.


An 8-month-old puppy has lost his leg in a suspected case of extreme animal cruelty in Moon Township, PA. The puppy, now named Tres, suffered broken ribs and leg broken so badly it had to be amputated after a man named Marcus Smiley kicked him.

What could a puppy do for someone to do something so horrible? You won’t believe it:

“The boyfriend was rather angry because the dog had torn the house up a little, like dogs do sometimes,” McCarthy said. “Then he gave it an extremely powerful kick.”
“He was whimpering, limping. His leg was dangling. He couldn’t walk very well,” said Jess Horvatin, who rescues a lot of abused animals. Read more here

Thankfully, Tres’ surgery was successful and he has already been adopted by a loving family. The man accused of nearly killing him, Marcus Smiley will be charged with animal cruelty, a second-degree misdemeanor, according to ABC6.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 11.30.42 PM

You can help Tres and the people who saved him. Sign this petition on here and also make a much needed donation to help cover his medical costs. They have a goal of raising $3,000 but only have $400 raised so far. If lots of people chip in small amounts, we can easily help them hit their goal!

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  1. Loretta says:

    This is so cruel and this heartless person should go to jail for this heinous crime/


  2. nicole says:

    Extremely cruel


  3. Patti Schmid says:

    Unfortunately, people like this need to be taught the lesson and “eye for an eye” I am glad I don’t know him….we will leave it at that.


    1. Charles says:

      What Patti said.


    2. Dennis says:

      Remember, there is Karma !


    3. Janet Kalczynski says:

      I’m with Patti – “eye for an eye”


  4. quantumranger99 says:

    The son of a bitch responsible for this should be sentenced to life in prison and be constantly beaten by his cellmates, strapped to the electric chair and executed, and rot and burn in Hell for all of eternity. That son of a bitch deserves to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who’s with me?

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  5. Sam says:

    Marcus Smiley I hope you get cancer.

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    1. CAROLINE says:

      I AGREE 100% WITH SAM,
      “”” FOR LIFE “””


  6. This Marcus Smiley should go to jail for a long, long time – AND be made to pay for Tres’ medical expenses! How horrible! He’s horrible!

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  7. M Leybra says:

    Since cant take an eye for an eye, or leg for a leg so to speak, yes jail sentence is in order along w/ primary responsibility for vet bill plus monetary fine, the purpose being to cause Marcus Smiley enough pain in lieu of amputating his leg.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    you should die in hell


  9. Tressa says:

    Animal abuse isn’t a misdemeanor anymore it’s a felony!! And he needs to charged as such!


  10. S. Smith says:

    Animal abuse should be considered a felony and abuser need to be registered. The cruelty that goes on in this world is sickening.
    Is there a link for the fund raiser?

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    1. sheree says:

      yes there is read through the article again..its tward the bottom…smile

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  11. How can anyone do this to a precious little dog like this!!!! It makes me hurt all over and I wish I could hold him and give him all the love I feel right now!!!!

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  12. Anonymous says:

    Marcus Smiley – you miserable inhumane rotten SOB – I hope another human beats you to a pulp and makes you beg for mercy – and then kicks you in the nuts (very hard) again & again. If you live, maybe you will think twice before ever touching another animal. I bet you beat children too!

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  13. angelo babbo says:

    Animal cruelty leads to human cruelty, a disgusting human being who should be jailed for 10 years at least. I have been avoiding these sights because of such despicable treatment of our best friends, put him in jail, please!!!!it makes me very sad to see this sick behavior.


  14. Jennifer Linton says:

    The reason they haven’t raised that much money is because the donations page doesn’t work. Every time I fill out the info the next button disappears and you can’t make payments


  15. Anonymous says:

    So sad. t should be a felony to hurt an animal like that


  16. Darwin Doll says:

    I would pay $100 for the benefit of the animal to kick Smiley like he kicked the dog!


  17. I’m guessing that this evil man, Marcus Smiley, is looking for a hiding place because so many of us would like to find him and do what Patti said. I just can’t imagine any pup doing something so awful to deserve this…..and Tres certainly did not. I will send a donation and hope that this SMiley SOB gets his in court or elsewhere.

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  18. jerry herzog says:

    cut the pricks balls off then shove them up his ass im betting hes a nigger niggers hate dogs , because dogs are smarter ,lots smarter marcus smiley if youd like to fucking like to kick things ,im here ,anytime anyplace ,you lowlife prick


  19. Liz says:

    This makes me so sick!! These poor innocent animals do not deserve this horrific treatment!! I’m so glad someone took pictures and shared with the news! I would like to donate but it doesn’t allow me to!


  20. Liz says:

    This makes me so sick!! These poor innocent animals do not deserve this horrific treatment!! I’m so glad someone took pictures and shared with the news! I would like to donate but it doesn’t allow me to! Poor baby I’m glad he has a new home!!


  21. Anonymous says:

    I feel the same way for all these comments right on!


  22. Meren says:

    This guy deserves to be in prison for a very long time. He should be registered as an animal abuser and not allowed to own any pets. Or make the guy be the one that German Shepards and Dobermans attack to be trained. But he does not get the protective suit. Just looked up the guys name is Black and an Ex Con. plenty of other ethnic groups abuse animals. Some of them end up killing people and become Serial Killers. Jeffrey Dahmer and others started out abusing and killing animals. If you kill or injure an animal you should get the same penalty as if it was a human being.

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  23. Peggy Powell says:

    Maybe if they made it a felony and gave a longer sentence, this torture to animals would stop.

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    1. meren39 says:

      It should be the same as if it was a human being.

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  24. Suzanne Brouillette says:

    I can’t believe that guy got so little for such a horrible thing his face should be posted all over the internet just so everyone could remember that face when it comes to animals. Cut his leg off.


  25. nvr says:

    Let us all be honest, we would all like to kick this thug in his leg and let him hobble around the rest of his low life with just one leg.


  26. ken says:

    well what will happen this pos smiley some judge will give him 3 days community service and be told please don’t do that any more any one that knows this pos smiley please make him very sorry he did that ok


  27. Patricia Oliver says:

    Justice is not always fair. This would be a felony if it were a defenseless human and I do not see much difference in the species, this canine did not have a chance against a mentally unsound, aggressive so-called man. This was an animal that had as much right to life as the perpetrator did before he chose to commit violence against the defenseless canine, The result is that the victim will not have the opportunity to thrive and prosper because of this violent and aggressive thug. I cannot see how this is a simple misdemeanor. Repulsive and he needs to be outed for the safety of society.

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  28. Thank God he has a home and a better life NOW. There are no words to describe this CRUELTY . Vengeance is MINE says the LORD. God has the ultimate judgement !!


  29. Dave F says:

    Marcus Smiley is a perfect example of human garbage, and we should not pay any more attention than to see to it that society never has to deal with such garbage again. Rot in hell, Marcus. No more smiley for you.

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  30. Elaine Ruben says:

    This inhuman should be beaten as harshly as the puppy was and he should spend his life in prison !!

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  31. Teresa Seely says:

    This is extremely sad. I simply cannot imagine what would provoke someone into such a fit of rage. Especially against a sweet little puppy.
    However, another thing that makes my blood boil is witnessing one person referring to people of color as a n@##*&.This is the 21st century and nobody has the right to shame another person based on race.This person, as wrong as he was for harming this sweet puppy most likely has a mental disorder or was beaten himself as a child. You on the other hand Mr JH, are an uneducated racist bigot for whom there is no excuse!. I know many people of color who are far more educated, sophisticated and tolerant of others than you. Please quit living under a rock. Your bigotry is not welcome in our society.


    1. leybrabear says:

      When persons like Smiley commit acts this ugly, it makes some people’s blood boil enough to refer to them w/ words they would not otherwise use. That doesn’t make them a bigot, you can bet Michael Vick, another lowlife got the same kind of slurs from lots of people, including from decent persons of his own ethnicity. Doubt anyone commenting here cares about how u feel about anything other than this suffering puppy who lost his leg because of this Smiley lowlife.

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  32. Judy S says:

    Maybe someone should kick the hell out of him!


  33. Sandra Young says:

    I agree with Teresa completely. Jerry, this inhumane treatment of Tres is unforgivable, and many of us would gladly leap at the opportunity to give this jerk Marcus a taste of his own medicine X10, hopefully leaving him with NO legs at all! But as for you, there is NO EXCUSE for your racist comments, and they make you look like a pathetic, uneducated hick. I dont know if that’s who you really are or not, but please stop.


  34. ahimsa42 says:

    “The only difference between a dog, cat, horse and dolphin and a cow, chicken, pig and turkey is perception. One is no more valuable than another. And yet in this culture, we hold the former animals in high esteem and the latter we brutalize for food. All animals are deserving of respect and freedom from violence. The way to respect others is veganism.”


  35. Adriana Barros says:



  36. Nancy says:

    Reblogged this on "OUR WORLD".


  37. Mary wonders says:

    Please let me know how to donate


  38. LMSutherland says:

    God bless you little Tres. There is a plan for you and your work here is not done. Neither is that of the loving family who will adopt you, love you and to the best of their ability try to show you every day the kindness others did not. We are sending our love and prayers to you for healing of you little body and your wounded spirit, and are seeking justice on your behalf. Please know there are so many pulling for you. And thank you to all who have been there in Tres’ time of need.

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  39. leybrabear says:

    Nice. May he know nothing but kindness from now till end of his days.


  40. Anonymous says:

    Scum – absolute scum. People like this should not have an animal of any kind. They should be banned from doing so. I could go on for a long time, saying how much these people disgust me. I am glad the little guy had a second chance at a happy life. To the person/s who kicked him – rot in jail. Imagine if “we” all gained up on this scumbag and did the same to them.


  41. Ruth Holmes says:

    Believe: What goes around, comes around.

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  42. anony-mous says:

    Fines are not harsh enough in cases of horrendous animal abuse. They do not serve as a deterrent as the psychopath perpetrators of these sadistic crimes have no moral conscience and no empathy. In fact, as they are sadistic they get pleasure from harming animals and making them suffer horrendous pain. Lenient sentencing may persuade other animal abusers that the law is on their side and they will continue to do what they are doing.

    Criminals who inflict horrendous pain on an animal must be given a minimum prison term of at least 5 years depending on the severity of the case. Even that is too short. Its about time the establishment showed respect for animals and did what they were paid to do instead of using chaos majic on everyone. Animals have feelings, because they do not have a voice does not mean that sadistic psychopaths can get away with harming them, when they feel like it.

    All societies are full of character disordered people who think that they are entitled to do as they please and they do as they please because the not fit for purpose legal systems around the world are structured to allow different groups to not be held to account. They are intra-species predators and they must be separated from society, serve an appropriate prison term and their names and address MUST be put on an Animal Abuse register so they can be monitored as they never change. Emotional retards with sadistic tendencies remain sadistic and a threat to all animals. They also go on to commit serial abuse on humans.

    New legislation must be tabled to change the law. We need tougher animal cruelty sentencing and we need it now. Instead of wasting time mind controlling people and creating hoaxes change the law and hold these sadistic scum to account. Dr George Simon, Phd. writes extensively about these low life filth, who are getting away with criminal activities and harming sweet animals and this must stop. Character disordered individuals are being bred due to MSM indoctrination, not being taught boundaries or due to genetic components and choas magic movies are used to brainwash people to be as immoral as possible which is all part of Agenda 21 created by mind parasites. Nothing positive comes from movies on the whole. 99.9% are created to breed the lowest form of human life possible – misfits, con artists, thieves, violent bullies. I was recently bullied by police for reporting my cat as having been stolen by a local character disordered piece of trash who is sadistic and a neighborhood nuisance. I will fight until I get justice, the police will not get away with despicable behavior. We have to stand up for animals and make sure legislation is put in place to eliminate the scum who cause horrendous pain and death to innocent animals.

    Justice for all animals. Change the rules. Remove sadistic, brutal animal batterers from society. These cases must be taken seriously and not ignored by a legal system that is unfair and corrupt. That is not good enough.


    1. Fred Daugert says:

      Your comments are amazing….unfortunately I know all too much about these psychopath/predators/liars.At a golf course I worked at I once saw a partner I played golf with strike a goose so it was flailing around in a bunker and dying-its wings were as wide as the small bunker. I later saw another goose wandering around covered with mud near death. He was a very poor sport too and when I won too many games in basketball (we had a hoop there) he came up behind me in another vehicle (in the shed) and slammed into mine and said ‘I’ll kill you Federico!’and he laughed sadistically (he knew how the bumpers worked). When I told the boss his solution was to yuk it up with him and get rid of me! Its clear that Trump is one of them I think. They’ll injure humans too so watch your back!


  43. hocuspocus13 says:

    Reblogged this on hocuspocus13 and commented:


  44. Marc S. says:

    Making Mr. Smiley a ward of the state so that the taxpayers are responsible for the cost of his punishment is a bad result. He’s already hurt us enough. Mr. Smiley should be ordered to serve dogs in an animal shelter for whatever time he would have spent in prison. Several years of witnessing the lonely lives of these beautiful animals, cleaning their cages, walking them and being responsible for providing comfort is the best way to teach him the horror of his crime and is likely to change his behavior in the future. Let’s make sure that Mr. Smiley never does this again — not by locking him up, but by teaching him the joy of caring for abandoned animals.


  45. TJ says:

    I am tired of people getting a misdemeanour for such cruelty to animals that can’t shout out in pain – they just take the abuse! When is the legal system going to stand up for the animals when humans are so abusive…..if they don’t give harder sentencing the people who do this will get bored with hurting animals and it will escalate into something bigger!!! These people are worse than animals!!!

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  46. Anonymous says:

    Set that maggot on fire!!!!


  47. bruce stamile says:

    Let there be justice for Tres……………put the dirt bag in jail……..then community service at animal shelters for a year……………hes real special…then a year of anger management


    1. Teresa Seely says:

      Hi Bruce,
      The problem is, based on a similar experience in my own community, that none of the pet shelters want someone like him around the pets. Who can blame them? Maybe if he does the anger management first they might be more open. Just guessing though.


  48. Margie says:

    Marcus Smiley is a subhuman. This is horrific animal abuse. Enforce the law and STOP this deplorable man. He is disgusting. He has lost all spiritual connection and is soulless! He needs to be drug down a gravel road, kicked until his leg is so badly broken it has to be amputated. There is an eye witness and he is guilty of animal abuse in the highest degree. Why is he not arrested? What about his girl friend? Did she not file charges? If not, she needs to be right there with him for the punishment. Karma.


  49. Whom'st'd've says:

    you’re all worried about the dog but i wanna know how you even manage to kick something that hard


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