Rescue Story: Bryce

Valerie from San Pedro, California sent us this incredible rescue story about Bryce! He seems like such a fun and lovable doggo and he’s definitely the first rescue story we’ve seen who is best friends with a tortoise!

Our “Bryce” was “bought off” by a woman that headed up a rescue organization when she observed a puppy tied to a tree and crying.

She approached the owner who informed her: “I’m trying to make him into a guard dog, but he ain’t working out.” She offered the man $25.00 and he let him go.

We rescued Bryce when he was 6 months and he was very wary of most people, especially men. It took over a year of obedience training and specialized training to get him to trust and to be at ease around strangers (he LOVES the mailman!).

We take Bryce to the mountains and daily walks, he is a faithful companion and wonderful watchdog for the property and is intensely devoted. Perhaps he knows he was rescued from a dire situation. I dress up Bryce frequently and am in the process of creating a children’s book.


Bryce also lives with our desert tortoise, Amos, and they are best of pals.

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  1. Cici says:

    Wonderful dog! What a Sir! 😀

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  2. Jeanette says:

    Congrats Bryce! Sounds like a great new home! WTG! 🙂

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  3. Ha ha :D))) he seems like a right laugh and very patient with his human pal dressing him up. Very Cool Canine, such a great character especially hanging with a tortoise. they probably have very similar laid back personalities lol : )


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