Rescue Story: Rudy

Paloma from New Orleans, LA sent us this heartwarming story about Rudy! Thank you so much, Paloma!

Rudy was the neighborhood dog. He ran away from the people who had him and they never looked for him. He was so scared of people trapping him he would run if you got close. He would follow people walking their dogs so he could play with them.

Everyone loved Rudy. One day the inevitable happened. He was hit by a car and crawled back to the neighbors house he had adopted. He wouldn’t go inside but slept under the house, on the lawn or on the porch on blankets people left for him.

Another neighbor called me frantic that the SPCA would put him down so I harangued then into taking Rudy to my vet and was totally prepared to beg them to treat him and I would figure out a way to pay them. They were so willing to help Rudy and went out of their way to save him. The whole neighborhood pitched in.

They donated money, visited Rudy in the hospital bringing toys, his beloved McDonald’s and making sure he knew he was loved. Even people who had never met Rudy helped.

It’s been a little over a year since I adopted him and people still stop and ask if it’s him. He goes up to people and let’s then pet him. He adores the neighbor who’s lawn he lived on and he sees him regularly. Most of all he loves having a home with other dogs and an owner whom they have trained very well.

1.5 million dogs and cats will be euthanized this year.
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  1. S.A.Wood says:

    I love your rescue stories, full of hope & good people.
    I live in England, found you while ‘browsing’.

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  2. thepackheals says:

    I love this story! Seeing that I had a dog who was in a high kill shelter and almost got euthanized (and he is the sweetest, most unaggressive dog ever!), I appreciate anyone who helps these dogs.

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  3. Awwwwww what an absalutly beeeautiful life you all share . this incredible true tale shows just what an inspired community can achieve when we all pull together heart to heart., thank you Rudy for bringing our human animal families together. what a GREAT and handsome Dog : ) VEGAN VOCALIST


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