Rescue Story: Gucci

Thank you so much for sharing Gucci’s story with us, Teresa! We love her name and we love that you rescued her from such a bad situation — we totally agree with you, Adopt Don’t Shop!

My rescue came from a breeder. She was barely 2 and had two litters already. She had zero personality, she had shut down.

Well I took that little Shih tau and gave her a name (Gucci) because to me she was a diva dog!

The very first thing I did was gave her a flea bath, and then off we went to the vet. I promised her she would never be used again. I babied her and cried for her. Once healed she had her first grooming and their emerged my Gucci girl.

That was 5 years ago and she is my baby, my little jewel, she is vibrant, sassy and full of life. She goes and visits elderly people , she loves cats , dogs ,squirrels and people. She is my fourth rescue dog. She is loyal and bratty but she is mine.

I will never buy from a breeder! Rescues are the best!

1.5 million dogs and cats will be euthanized this year. Send an important message with our Adopt Don’t Shop Shirts.


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