Rescue Story: Sailor

This story was sent to us by Kim from Glendale Heights, Illinois. Thank you so much Kim!

I’ll never forget the day I met Sailor!

It was on November 1, 2002. I’d gone to the local Humane Society to donate some food and blankets. A little black dog was curled up under the desk. He was 3 months old. He was adorable!


I had 2 cats at home but I couldn’t resist Sailor! He’s my best friend. My kids grew up with him. When my older daughter went to college she asked me to bring a picture of Sailor for her dorm room.

Sailor’s been by my side through some of the worst times of my life. He’s given me comfort when I had none. He’s getting older but aside from a little arthritis he’s doing well. He lives going for walks and loves the park. We hit the beach together and make dog friends!

Sailor is the light of my life!


dogs > humans. these fun shirts help raise money for rescues.




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